Ardonskiy District

Description and investment potential of Ardonskiy District
The area of the district is 377 sq. km.

Population - 27.7 thousand people,
urban population – 16.9 thousand people
rural population – 10.8 thousand people
Administrative center – the town of Ardon
Population density - 73.5 persons per 1 sq. km.

There are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, producing the following products in Ardonskiy District.

LLC “Kolos” - bread;
CJSC “Alpha”, LLC “Master-Prime” - dairy products;
MUE “Ardon Printing House” – letterforms, newspapers;
Ardon Bread-Making Plant - bread and bakery products;
LLC “Agat” - production of plastic windows.

In 2008, they produced 5.1 million rubles worth goods of manufacturing industries, which corresponds to 116 percent of growth as compared with the previous period.

Telephones density per 100 residents is 24.57.
«MegaFon», «MTS», «Beeline» mobile operators’ communication is available.

Agricultural Sector

At the beginning of 2009, the area of the agricultural land amounted to 21,924 ha, including arable land – 19,442 ha, perennials - 97 ha, hayfields – 893 ha, pastures – 1,492 ha.

There is a corn calibration plant Production-Agricultural Cooperative “Kadgaron” and CJSC Dairy Plant “Alpha” with the milk processing capacity of 5 tons per day. This autumn, LLC “Kita” will plant intensive and superintensive gardens.

Lakes and ponds available in the district allow producing rainbow trout, salmon, pond fish and fry for trout farms on the basis of the existing fish farm with the capacity of 200 thousand alevins. The total area of the ponds in the district is 64.4 hectares, the serviceable area is 58.4 hectares. The number of ponds is 15. The constructed facilities in the Production-Agricultural Cooperative “Rodnik” allow increasing fish production up to 100 tons, and the sales up to 70 tons of fish per year subject to investing $ 5.5 million.

In the territory of the district there is a dairy plant LLC “Agricultural Holding “Master Prime. Beryozka”, which produces dairy products from natural milk of its own production.

Investment Potential:
Promising direction in the investment activity is the extraction and bottling of quality drinking water in the territory of Ardonskiy district, which has significant reserves of groundwater in the form of grouped and individual intakes (95 existing wells). Chemical analyzes and laboratory studies of groundwater confirm their compliance with all sanitary and health requirements.
Investors are also offered projects related to the organization of the production of sand and gravel mixtures on the basis of existing deposits of non-metallic materials.
Environmental conditions are favorable for agriculture.

As of 01/01/2009, the number of unemployed in Ardonskiy District registered with the Employment Service was 754 persons.
The average monthly salary as of 01/01/2009 was 8,331.8 rubles (in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 9,073.3 rubles).

Utilities in housing facilities: 
cold water - 97.8%;
sewerage - 95.8%;
central heating - 92.4%;
hot water - 78.0%;
gas - 96.3%.