Digorskiy District

Description and investment potential of Digorskiy District

The area of the district is 585 sq. km.

Population 20.2 thousand people, including
urban population – 11.4 thousand people
rural population - 8.8 thousand people
Administrative center - Digora
Population density - 34.7 persons per 1 sq. km.


There are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, producing the following products in Digorskiy District.
Digorskiy Factory of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging – corrugated packaging;
Digorskiy Bakery Plant - bread and bakery products;
LLC “Berd-Lavera”, LLC “Timur”, LLC “Vegas” - alcohol, vodka, wine;
LLC “Chinar” - mineral water;
LLC “Ir-Les” - woodwork.
In 2008, they produced 54.9 million rubles worth goods of manufacturing industries; electricity and heat energy 12.6 million rubles worth.


Telephones density per 100 residents is 22.75.
«MegaFon», «MTS», «Beeline» mobile operators’ communication is available.

Agricultural Sector

At the beginning of 2009, the area of the agricultural land amounted to 18,622 ha, including arable land – 14,300 ha, perennials - 255 ha, hayfields – 1,398 ha, pastures – 2,668 ha.
There is LLC “Digorsky Khleb” (Digorian bread) with daily capacity of 9.5 tons in the district.
Environmental conditions and the availability of hayfields and pastures facilitate breeding and fattening of cattle for the production of meat and dairy products, and development of sheep breeding.

Investment Potential

There are explored sources of mineral medicinal water in the territory of Digorskiy district, and it is planned to develop and construct sanatorium-and-spa facilities on their basis.
As for the construction materials industry, a promising field is the use of high quality raw material from three fields in the area of Dur-Dur village for the production of bricks and tiles. The total volume of reserves of explored deposits amounts to 30.6 million cubic meters. This material is also suitable for the production of clay facing bricks of grade 150.
Besides, there are conditions for the development of power sector. It is possible to install turbo-expanders on high-pressure gas pipelines to general electric power and construct small hydropower plants on the Ursdon-river.
Among the promising areas of the district it is worth mentioning wood processing, agriculture, food processing and canning productions.


As of 01/01/2009, the number of unemployed in Digorskiy District registered with the Employment Service was 1,223 persons.
The average monthly salary as of 01/01/2009 was 7,711.9 rubles (in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 9,073.3 rubles).

Utilities in housing facilities: 
cold water - 100.0%;
sewerage - 90.9%;
central heating - 98.5%;
hot water - 86.7%;
gas - 98.5%;