General tax system


• Corporate Profits Tax
• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Corporate Property Tax
• Transport Tax
• Land Use Tax
• Excise Taxes
• Water Tax
• Mineral Extraction tax (MET)

Additionally, there is a number of corporate taxes, levies and charges for particular types of activities:

• Regular payments for the subsoil use
• Gambling tax
• Fees for the use of objects of animal word
• Fees for the use of aquatic biological resources.


• Personal income tax
• Social security contributions

In accordance with the Russian tax laws, employers are bound to assess the amount of the personal income tax to be withheld from the employees’ salaries and pay it to the Government along with other taxes. In practice, monthly salaries are calculated inclusive of a 13% personal income tax, which is subsequently withheld, accounted for and paid to the Government. Thus, an employee receives his salary or wages net of the personal income tax.

Employers are also responsible for the assessment and payment of social security contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia, Social Insurance Fund and the Federal Mandatory Health Insurance Fund.

As tax agents employers withhold a 13% personal income tax from the payroll. As insureds, employers are subject to all the social security contributions (base social contributions rates till 2017: 22% - Pension Fund of Russia, 2, 9% - Social Insurance Fund and 5, 1% - Federal Mandatory Health Insurance Fund).