Mozdokskiy District

Description and investment potential of Mozdokskiy District

The area of the district is 1,071 sq. km.

Administrative center - Mozdok
Population - 86.8 thousand people,
urban population – 40.5 thousand people
rural population – 46.3 thousand people
Population density - 81 persons per 1 sq. km.


There are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, producing the following products in Mozdokskiy District.
JSC “Mozdok Cardboard Factory” - corrugated packaging;
JSC “Mozdokskie Uzory” - curtain lace fabric;
LLC “Mozdok Brickyard” - construction brick;
JSC “Mozdok Garment Factory” - linen, dresses, gowns;
MUE “Mozdok Bread-Making Plant “, LLC “Kolos” - bread and bakery products, flour;
JSC “Cannery “Mozdokskiy”- canned food;
JSC “PZHBI” (reinforced concrete producing plant) - concrete products;
JSC “MOEMZ” (Mozdok Experimental Mechanical Plant) - metal structures;
MUE “Mozdokskaya Typographiya” (Mozdok printing house) – printed products;
JSC “Mozdok Meat-Processing Factory” - production of meat and meat products, sausages;
SUE “Mozdok Biopreparations Plant” - biological products for agriculture;
RAYPO (district consumer society) - sausage goods, bread, cakes and confectionery products;
JSC “Pavlodolskaya Hydropower Station” - electricity generation;
MUE “Mozdok City Dairy Plant” - dairy products;
APK (agro-industrial complex) - dairy products, sausage goods, flour;
MUE “Mozdok Heating Networks”, MUE “UKH Priterechnaya” (public utility services management), MUE “UKH of Sadoviy Settlement” - production of heat;
Agro-Industrial Complex (APK) - dairy products, meat, sausage goods, mineral water.
In 2008, they produced 236.9 million rubles worth goods of manufacturing industries, which corresponds to 107.1 percent of 2007; electricity and heat energy 159.3 million rubles worth (110.8 %).


Telephones density per 100 residents is 24.63.
«MegaFon», «MTS», «Beeline» mobile operators’ communication is available.

Agricultural Sector

At the beginning of 2009, the area of the agricultural land amounted to 67,756 ha, including arable land – 60,384 ha, perennials - 332 ha, hayfields – 1,385 ha, pastures – 5,112 ha, layland - 543 ha.
The main crops produced are cereal, sunflower, mustard, canola, soy and vegetables. Favourable soil and climatic conditions allow gathering high-yielding crops subject to relevant material and technical inputs, and to develop horticulture.
The action plan for the intensive development of orchards and vineyards on the basis of JSC “Druzhba” was developed in the district. It foresees planting of perennial plants on the area of 216 hectares, modernization and expansion of the capacity of the fruit storage up to 1,500 tons, construction of a facility for fruits processing, and purchase of 45 units of equipment to take care of perennial plants. The program is assumed to be implemented till 2015.
The annual production capacity of the agricultural products is as follows: corn - up to 150 thousand tons, meat - up to 10 thousand tons, cattle breeding - up to 20 thousand heads, pigs breeding - up to 50 thousand heads.
In the framework of implementation of the national project “Development of Agriculture”, JSC “Monolith” reconstructed the premises of the pig farm and pedigree multiplication farm, and completed full renovation of the dairy complex, which houses 260 cows imported from Germany, installed milking equipment of De Laval Company.
The company “Mozdok Cheese Factory” involved in complex processing of milk operates in the district. Its processing capacity is 26 tons of milk per day, and it works on the equipment of the Austrian company “BERTSCHlaska”
In the Agricultural Production Cooperative Farm “Ukraine”, there is also a milk processing facility with the daily capacity of 10 tons. The company works on natural raw materials of its own production.
There are 13 bread-making enterprises with the daily capacity of 67 tons of bakery products.

Investment Potential

Mozdokskiy district has a developed infrastructure, road and transport network, modern communication and power systems.
The investment potential of Mozdokskiy district is primarily associated with the development of traditional agricultural production and processing of agricultural products.
The investors are encouraged to use arable lands recovering the irrigation potential, which allows covering 15 thousand hectares of land with the irrigation system and increase crop yields to 40-60 t/ha. Investment costs of rehabilitation of the irrigation system amount to 125 million rubles.
Product pipelines connecting oilfields with the Centre and the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk pass through the territory of Mozdokskiy district, therefore it is possible to build refineries here.
A promising direction in Mozdokskiy district is the development of hydrocarbon deposits. Kharbizhenskiy oil field with the promising reserves of 4.6 million tons and expected annual production of 26 thousand tons is located in the territory of Mozdokskiy district. Putting at least one oil-well into operation requires 185 million rubles of investment capital.
Construction of Mozdokskiy small hydropower plant on the 21st km of Terek-Kuma channel with the design capacity of 7.5 MW and average annual electricity output 25 million kWh is an attractive project in terms of investment. Investment costs are estimated at 210 million rubles.
Another highly effective project is the reconstruction of the district boiling house of Mozdok into a mini steam-electric plant with the capacity of 2.5 mW of electric power and 30 Gcal of heat power. This will cost 60 million rubles.
Promising investment sites are unused facilities and premises of production enterprises in the district, such as: JSC “Mozdok Garment Factory”, the Factory of Concrete Pressure Pipe in stanitsa Pavlodolskaya and others.
Development of the field of Razdolnoe natural mineral water deposit having healing and balneological properties is cost-effective.


As of 01/01/2009, the number of unemployed in Mozdokskiy District registered with the Employment Service was 1,460 persons.
The average monthly salary as of 01/01/2009 was 8,362.3 rubles (in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 9,073.3 rubles).

Utilities in housing facilities: 
cold water - 89.5%;
sewerage - 89.5%;
central heating - 96.5%;
hot water - 79.6%;
gas - 97.4%.