Pravoberezhniy District

Description and investment potential of Pravoberezhniy District

The area of the district is 441.29 sq. km.

Population - 55.7 thousand people,
urban - 35.9 thousand people
rural - 19.8 thousand people
Administrative center - the town of Beslan
Population density – 126.2 persons per 1sq. km


There are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, producing the following products in Pravoberezhniy District.
Beslan plant “Avtospetsoborudovanie” - trailers and semi-trailers for trucks;
Beslan Crushed Stone Plant of JSC “Russian Railways” - crushed stone, gravel;
FSUE “Beslan Electromechanical Plant” - integral transformer substation;
Beslan Plan “Roszheldorstroy” - concrete products;
LLC “Zilginsky Brickyard” - building brick;
LLC “Stroymost” - reinforced concrete construction;
Beslan Motor Transport Enterprise - transportation of goods and passengers;
LLC “Interagrokompleks” - flour, feed, pasta;
“Beslan Maize Plant” - glucose syrup, dry starch;
JSC “Istok”, JSC “Salute”, LLC “Phoenix”, JSC “Fayur-Soyuz”, LLC “Ariana “, JSC “Vozrozhdenie” - ethyl alcohol, vodka , liqueurs and spirits;
Beslan Bread-Making Plant, Khumalag Bread-Making Plant - bread and bakery products .
In 2008, they produced 3,062.9 million rubles worth goods of manufacturing industries.


Telephones density per 100 residents is 23.71.
«MegaFon», «MTS», «Beeline» mobile operators’ communication is available.

Agricultural Sector

At the beginning of 2009, the area agricultural land amounted to 30,457 ha, including arable land - 24,599 ha, perennials - 598 ha, hayfields – 1,272 ha, pastures – 3,988 ha.
The main crops in crop production are cereal, sunflower, potatoes and vegetables. Favourable soil and climatic conditions allow gathering high-yielding crops subject to relevant material and technical inputs, and to develop horticulture.
JSC “Mir” commissioned a pig farm with the capacity of 28 thousand heads. German company Big Dutchman is the supplier of equipment and technology here.
The district has pedigreed stud farm “Beslanskiy” breeding thoroughbred roadster breed of horses.
“Beslan Maize Plant” (JSC), the largest in the Southern Federal District company engaged in processing of corn for starch, is located in the district. Today it is able to process 200 tons of corn per day producing molasses, starch, refined corn oil, feeding slop and dry feed. Reconstruction and technical upgrading is underway at the enterprise.
There are 17 bread-making enterprises with the daily capacity of 38 tons of bakery products.

Investment Potential

Pravoberezhniy district of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania has a developed transport and energy infrastructure necessary for the implementation of promising industrial and agricultural investment projects.
There are modern high-tech alcohol and alcoholic beverages producing enterprise in the district.
A promising investment project in the territory of the district is the organization of production of glucose-fructose syrups on the bases of “Beslan Maize Plant”. The project foresees production of high-fructose corn syrup and its variants as a new generation of sweeteners applying modern technologies. These products can be used in the confectionery industry and the sales volume may reach 80 thousand tons per year. The required amount of investments is 650 million rubles.
Investors are encouraged to organize mass production of transformer substations, and dolomite based insulators, at Beslan Electromechanical Plant. The volume of investments is 27 million rubles.

As of 01/01/2009, the number of unemployed in Pravoberezhniy District registered with the Employment Service was 1,670 persons.
The average monthly salary as of 01/01/2009 was 7,743.8 rubles (in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 9,073.3 rubles).

Utilities in housing facilities: 
cold water - 85.9%;
sewerage - 85.9%;
central heating - 91.2%;
hot water - 77.1%;
gas - 95.4%.