Prigorodniy District

Description and investment potential of Prigorodniy District

The area of the district is 1422.2 sq. km.

Administrative center – the village of Oktyabrskoe
Population - 104.8 thousand people.
Population density – 73.7 persons per 1sq. km


There are large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, producing the following products in Prigorodniy District.
LLC “MaYur” - canned food;
JSC “Prestige”, LLC “Russian Glory” - alcohol;
LLC “Mikhailovskoe” – production of soft drinks;
LLC “Irbis-1” - flour;
LLC “Granit” , LLC “Vector”, LLC “Avtotrassa”, MUE “Chermen”, MUE “Monolith”, MUE “Mayskoe” - production of non-metallic materials;
LLC GZPK “Sevospotrebsoyuza” - blankets, clothes;
LLC “Nar” - paving slab, monuments;
LLC Agri-Complex “Russia” - sunflower oil, flour;
LLC Firm “Barkad” – bakery products and pasta;
JSC “Oktyabrskaya Furniture Factory” – production of carcass furniture and joinery
JSC “Alanhim” - production of polyethylene and plastic products;
JSC “Genaldon” - production of monuments, marble cutting;
RSE “Canning Factory “Chermenskiy”- canning of fruits and vegetables.
In 2008, they produced 40.146 million rubles worth goods of manufacturing industries.


Telephones density per 100 residents – 11.42.
«MegaFon», «MTS», «Beeline» mobile operators’ communication is available.

Agricultural Sector

At the beginning of 2009, the area of the agricultural land amounted to 30,560 ha, including arable land - 21,887 ha, perennials - 592 ha, hayfields – 2,621 ha, pastures – 5,460 ha.
The main produced crops are cereal, maize, potatoes and vegetables. Favourable soil and climatic conditions allow gathering high-yielding crops subject to relevant material inputs, and to develop horticulture.
Environment conditions and the presence of mountain grasslands and pastures facilitate breeding and fattening of beef cattle breeds and development of sheep breeding. High quality alpine meadows reduce the necessity to include expensive supplements in the feed.
The most developed sector among other breeding industries is poultry breeding. State Poultry Breeding Company “Mikhailovskoe” successfully operates here producing 7 million pieces of breeding eggs, 200 thousand chickens for other farms and the consumers annually. The company has a shop with a complete cycle of poultry meat processing.
There are 18 bread-making companies in the district with the total capacity of 10.6 tons per day.
Investment Potential
The investment potential of Prigorodniy District is great: it has extensive road and communication infrastructure. There are 27 medium-sized and large industrial enterprises in the district. The population of the district is fully provided with transport, trade and community services, and communications.
There are explored large deposits of marble limestone (Lartsidon field), mineral and drinking water (in the village of Tarskoe), high-quality clay (in the villages of Sunzha and Tarskoe), sand and sand-gravel aggregate (Kantyshevo field -2), gravel (riverbeds of the Gizeldon, Terek, Kambileevka, etc.), dolomite and volcanic ash (Genaldon deposit) in the district.
The investment policy in the district is formed with due account of the available reserves of natural resources and raw materials both for industrial and agricultural production.
Promising investment projects in the district are:
Construction of a brick factory in the village of Oktyabrskoe (LLC “Progress”) with the annual design capacity of 45 million pcs of facial solid bricks. Investment costs amount to 120 million rubles. The raw material for the production is the clay from the deposits in villages Sunzha and Tarskoe.
Creation of a high-tech stone processing plant (LLC “Dzhimara”) with the annual design capacity of 60 thousand square meters of polished tiles of dolomite, and white and black marble. The required investment amounts to 50 million rubles for the purchase of modern technological equipment. The raw material for the production is the marbled limestone of the explored Lartsidon field.
Creation of a high-tech woodworking industry on the bases on local raw materials with the expected annual processing volume up to 15 thousand cubic meters of wood. The required investment amounts to 15 million rubles, including for the purchase of necessary equipment. The raw materials for this production are valuable tree species growing in the territory of the district (beech, oak, elm, cherry, walnut, etc.).
There are good conditions for the development of animal husbandry in the district.


As of 01/01/2009, the number of unemployed in Prigorodniy District registered with the Employment Service was 1,135 persons.
The average monthly salary as of 01/01/2009 was 8,056.9 rubles (in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania – 9,073.3 rubles).

Utilities in housing facilities: 

cold water - 98.0%;
sewerage - 97.7%;
central heating - 83.6%;
hot water - 83.6%;
gas - 99.1%.