Project summary and targets
1. Establishment of a year-round climatic and balneo-therapeutic resort of federal significance on the basis of
Korinskiy mineral water deposit and Ursdon area of therapeutic tereklit clays.
2. Health-resort treatment of a wide range of diseases.
3. Equipment of the health resort with modern diagnostic and medical devices.
4. Improvement of the demographic situation and creation of additional jobs in
Digorskiy district of RNO -Alania.
5. Maintenance and improvement of the unique ecosystem of Korinskiy health
areas using modern environmental technologies.

Project initiator
Ministry of tourism, business and investment strategy of North Ossetia -
Alania, Government of North Ossetia-Alania
15 Kosta pr., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, 362015
tel./fax: 8(8672) 40-25-87,

Project implementation area
Kora-Ursdon vil., Digorskiy district, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Targeted services
The project envisages year-round (seasonally adjusted) accomodation and
health services in extra-comfort conditions. The accommodation includes
daily dietary meals and also recreational and disease prevention activities.
Disease profiles:
Locomotor diseases;
Nervous disorders;
Gynecological diseases;
Skin diseases;
Gastrointestinal diseases.
In summer the complex will be able to provide visitors with a wide range of additional services, such as rafting, horse riding and biking, tourism in the neighbouring areas, one-day bus trips

Potential consumers
Russian regions, neighbouring and far-abroad countries

Total project value - 1500,0 mln RUB

Current status of the project implementation
Techno-economic justification is available.

Possible forms of participation in the project
Project financing, direct investments