Project summary and targets
Production and sale of electrochromic glass and electrochromic glass-based
Electrochromic glass is a composite of glass layers and various chemical materials used in architecture and manufacturing of translucent structures (windows, partitions, doors, etc) that changes its optical properties (haze), which
adjusts its transparancy and heat absorption coefficient in the result of changing external conditions, such as lighting, temperature or electrical voltage.
Sphere of application:
Windows if residential houses, offices, transparent roofs, partitions, doors,
walls, windows, facade glazing, garden rooms and greenhouses, dormer windowa, swimming pools;
Automobile glass and transparent elements;
Individual optics - sunglasses, sports glasses, masks.

Project initiator
LLC «Russkiye Innovatsii» (Russian innovations)
116 Karla Marksa st., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
tel.: 8(800)7008489, +79280736632, e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),
Director - Mr. Tamerlan Svyatoslavovich Kasaev

Project implementation area
116 Karla Marksa st., Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Targeted production
Electrochromic glass, electrochromic window size specified by the customer,
with the further installation.

Potential consumers
Russian Regions, CIS countries and far-abroad countries

Total project value
35,0 mln RUB

Project investment period - 12 months

Project payback period - 60 months

Current status of the project implementation
Business plan and financial model are available

Possible forms of participation in the project
Project financing, direct investments