Project summary and targets

The target of the project is creation of an industrial enterprise for production
of potable glacial water «Bilag». Glacial meltwater «Bilag» flows from ecologically clean glaciers located at high altitude in Alania wildlife reserve on the
territory of the North Caucasus. The water is produced by means of natural
withdrawal without mechanical devices and gravitational drilling at the altitude
of 1800 meters, thus preserving original properties and taste of the water.
The project is unique because of pouring at the altitude of 1800 meters.
The project capacity - 184 mln liters of water per year (PET, glass).

Project initiator

Limited Liability Company «Bilag»
Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
tel.: (8672) 53-74-03, +7(919) 427-33-33, +7(928) 487-77-67,
Director General - Mr. Kazbek Mukharbekovich Mamiev

Project implementation area

Irafskiy district, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

Targeted production

Potable glacial spring water
Potential consumers
Russian regions

Total project value
1 125 mln rubles, 400 mln rubles of which have already been spent for construction of the industrial building, warehouses and infrastructure. Investments
for purchase and installation of equipment will amount to 725 mln rubles.

Project investments

400,0 mln RUB

Project implementation period - 2014-2018

Current status of the project implementation

Currently the spring is being prepared for the smooth waterflow to the factory. Production and storage premises are ready for use. Energy and transport
communications are connected; roads were widened and cleaned to manage safe transportation. For the further implementation equipment should be
bought and installed.

Possible forms of participation in the project

Direct investments, project financing